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Textbook Buyback Information

The Phoenix Bookstore offers the book buyback at the end of each term (summer sessions included). Students will have the chance to sell back their books back for cash. So how does book buyback work?

  • If the bookstore has an order from the professor, and we are in need of that textbook, we will offer you 50% of the new price of the book. So for example, let’s say you purchase a used book which is priced at $100 new, $75 used. If we are able to buy the book back for the store, you would receive $50 for a textbook you paid $75 for.
  • We conduct buyback for the store during finals week of the fall and spring semesters, and during the end of the summer sessions.
  • Books that we do not have an order from the professor for, or that we cannot buy, can be sold to a book wholesaler. This wholesaler is a used book company that will give you money for your book based on national market value. Prices are varied for the wholesale buyback.
  • Buyback for the wholesaler is conducted throughout the entire year. If you are a student who cannot travel to the bookstore, you can check the prices you would receive from the used book company here. You can also call us at (920) 465-2323 or 1-800-321-UWGB to check the price of the book. Please be advised that although we are happy to offer you the prices over the phone, they are subject to change.

For more detailed information about the book buyback policy please feel free to click here.

Textbook Rental Policy

Please click here for the policies and procedures. If you have any additional inquires, please do not hesitate to contact us.