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Do my UWGB credentials work on your website?

Unfortunately, no. Our website is separate from other UWGB student websites, such as SIS, D2L, or Outlook campus email. Therefore, all new users (including students) must create an account with our site before ordering.

What if I can’t remember my password and/or I can’t log in?

If you can’t remember your password, you can request a new password by clicking here. If you cannot remember the email address used when you signed up, please contact us via phone at 920-465-2323. We will be able to look up your account to verify or edit login information; however, we avoid doing this through email, for security purposes.

I am having trouble purchasing items on the website.

We apologize for any difficulty you may have in using our website. We try to build the website to be as user-friendly as possible.

*Please remember that you must be registered with our system before you can make any purchases.

If you have an account but are still having difficulty, please follow along with these steps.

  • Step 1: Please login with the email address and password you used when registering. If you’re having trouble logging in, see the question above.

  • Step 2: Click on the “Cart” button shown on the top-right of the screen once you are done shopping. Then click on "Continue Checkout" on the bottom right of the page.

  • Step 3: Confirm your billing address and click on "Continue to Shipping Address."

  • Step 4: For shipping, you will need to choose an address from the drop-down menu and click “Use This Address.” You also have the option of adding a new address. If in-store pickup is available, a “Pick Up At Store” button will be located on the far-right.

  • Step 5: We will need you to reconfirm the shipping information for your items by using the drop-down menu on the right. Please also read the shipping policy on the bottom of the page. When you are finished, please click "Continue."

  • Step 6: Please enter your payment information. When you are finished, please click on “Submit Order” only once. It may take up to three minutes for this step to finish depending on your internet connection.

  • Step 7: Once your order is submitted, you should see a message confirming this, along with an order summary. Also, you will receive an email confirmation of your order to keep for your records.

We hope these steps help you, but if you are having further difficulty, please feel free to call us at 920-465-2323 or 800-321-UWGB. You can also contact us via email by clicking here.

What are the shipping and pickup options?

For shipping, we use both USPS and UPS services. We charge $6.99 for the first item and then $1.00 for each additional item. If you’re ordering only a decal or gift card however, shipping will be just $1.00. Once shipped, in-state orders typically take 1-2 business days to arrive.

We can offer expedited or priority shipping by request, but the rates for these options are generally expensive and can be unnecessary, given the quick delivery of standard shipping. Out-of-country shipping may also be possible by request, with rates dependent on weight and location.

When we offer our EZBooks program at the beginning of the semester, we allow orders to be held for in-store pickup. This option is free of charge. For order security, customers are required to bring a valid ID when picking up orders. Please refer to your order confirmation email or our calendar for dates and times of pickup.

How do I track an order?

Once logged in, click on “My Account.” On the account page, click “Track Orders” and you should see your recent order history. Each order will have an “Order Status” shown in the third column.

  • New means the order is submitted and waiting to be processed.

  • Picking means that we are currently working to fill your order.

  • Approved means that your order has been filled and is waiting to be packed.

  • Packed means that your order has been completed and charged.

By clicking the order number, you can also see a summary of the order. We typically have tracking information on all parcel freight orders. If you would like this information, feel free to send us an email or call us at 920-465-2323 or 800-321-UWGB.

Why are textbooks so expensive?

Textbook prices are a common problem for all college students. One misconception is that The Phoenix Bookstore takes in a big profit on the high priced new textbooks, but this is actually not the case. For every dollar spent on a new textbook, the bookstore typically receives 3.7 cents (pre-tax) income.

So where does the rest of this money go? According to data provided by the National Association of College Stores, roughly 77% of every dollar spent on a new textbook goes back to the book publisher to cover the costs of book development.

Can the bookstore pick cheaper books?

The Phoenix Bookstore is not directly involved in the selection of textbooks for your classes. Instead, faculty decides which book(s) are used for their courses after reviewing many different options. Once a selection is made, the professors inform us which books or materials we should order.

We always try as much as we can to keep the price of your textbooks down. For example, we encourage the faculty to choose their textbooks early so we can get as many used copies as possible. We also offer a variety of textbook options at lower prices, including ebooks and rentals. Lastly, our textbook buyback program helps students recover some of the cost of their education, while also allowing books to recycle within the university.

Where does my money go?

As described above, the money generated from textbook sales is divided numerous ways. But after it’s all said and done, profits from The Phoenix Bookstore support UW-Green Bay, as we are owned and operated by the university.

Have a question that was not answered here? Contact us via email or give us a call at 920-465-2323 or 800-321-UWGB.

The Phoenix Bookstore

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